Special First Aid Kits

by Uncle Bear

The notice read, "Put together a special First Aid Kit just for your pet." I pondered what kind of a kit I could make that would help each of my three wonderful feline companions enjoy life more.

Trying to put together a special first aid kit for a rambunctious kitten/cat seemed difficult at first: However, after walking through the house, the answer became apparent. Simba's kit would consist of any item he could play with and ultimately hide (for me to find later).

While Nibbles sleeps in a variety of locations in the house, he prefers the top of one of the beds - providing his blue blankie is laid out for him. My first aid kit for Nibbles would be a big piece of blue blankie.

The choice of a special first aid kit for Abby was extremely simple. Her kit would contain a large orange...one of her favorite objects to roll around.

My ideas to the trio met with approval and instructions. Simba let me know he especially loves playing with and hiding toy mice. When I laundered Nibbles' "big piece of blue blankie," he indicated I was to be sure to include fabric softener. As for Abby, she was delighted with the size of her orange, remarking, "The bigger the better."

Special First Aid Kit

As I look back, making a "special First Aid Kit" for each kitty was really simple. All I needed to do was pay attention to what made each of them happy, and then capitalize on it.

Uncle Bear is a writer and researcher in North Carolina. He can be reached through:

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