Walking in the Rain

by Uncle Bear

For most folks, being out-of-doors when rain is falling is not really enjoyable. Remarks like "This weather is only fit for ducks" or the old rhyme, "Rain, rain, go away, Come again some other day," can be heard. But for those who are willing to carry an umbrella or wear a slicker and walk in the rain: it can be a wonderful treat!

Without a doubt there are fools who find pleasure in daring Mother Nature to strike them down during a hurricane or tornado. However, a "Rain Walker" derives enjoyment from strolling in a slow, gentle shower.

As the rain walker slowly walks, in addition to the enjoyable sound of water falling from the sky, she listens to the vocalization of a variety of birds. Hardcore birders, after hearing the calls and songs of various species, are capable of identifying each one. For others the pleasure comes from the realization they are definitely not alone in enjoying Mother Nature's offering. The rain walker thrills to the sound of a bird trill.

Barn swallow sheltering from the rain

Stopping, the rain walker will gaze at a few tiny blue flowers blooming in grass that appears to have been recently mowed. As her eyes adjust to the sea of green, and its blue dots, a number of insect species seem to magically appear. Each seems to flying randomly non-stop. This proves rain drops are not a deterrent to the wee ones.

As the rain walker begins her journey home she makes one final stop. This time she's looking for a flower pedal with a bead of water on it. Finding one, while studying it, she's reminded of the statement, "In each drop of water are thousands of life forms."

Flowers in the rain

Arriving home and realizing the shower had ceased, with a smile she gives thanks for rain. Perhaps the rain walker is part of a minority but, for her, rain showers are far more a blessing than a curse.


Uncle Bear is a writer and researcher in North Carolina. He can be reached through:

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